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Changing Light Switches (Single Pole)

You don t have to be a rocket scientist to change a single pole light switch as long as you 1.Turn off all power(Everything in the entire house) before you even take the switch cover off.(We don t have to turn everything off because we are EXPERTS)but for your safety sake.please turn off everthing. 2. There are only 2 terminals on a Single Pole Switch so if you only have 2 wires connected to the existing switch then no problem just connect one wire under one screw and you re left with another screw for the other wire. but if there are 3 or more wires connected to you switch. you must be careful and put the 2 or more wires that are connected together just as they are connected on the old switch. otherwise you will end up calling an electrician because part of the house will have no electricity after you are finished!


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